Trans-NIH Jak-Stat Initiative - Fold-Change summary $$TITLE$$

Summary of Fold-change Tests for $$TITLE$$

This is a table of the tests intersections showing test-results gene fold-change data (indicated as "MnA/MnB" in the table). It is computed for all samples and and all tests in the mAdb-TestsToDo.xls (and also in a mAdb-TestsToDo Web page) list. Only genes that have passed any of the tests are included, even if the gene had only passed one test. Blank cells in the table indicate genes that did not exceed the fold-change threshold. The results are sorted by gene name. This data may be downloaded as a tab-delimited Excel file. The latter might be useful for sorting the data in other ways (such as by the fold-change of a particular test) or for doing additional clustering of the fold-change data or subsets of the data. Note that since the selected fold-change thresholds (for each test) may have included/excluded genes that would be different for different thresholds, this is a general snapshot of the data for those thresholds.