HTMLtools - A Web Page Conversion Tool Set

HTMLtools is a general purpose tab-delimited file to HTML Web page conversion Java program that contains several tools for preparing Web pages. The program automates batch conversion of tab-delimited spreadsheet text table files to HTML Web-page files, file and table editing, keyword mapping, templates, URL mapping, and more.

For example, it can convert a directory of tab-delimited files such as might be produced by Excel, various data analysis or database programs into a directory of HTML <TABLE> formated files. There are various commands available to make the table easier to read, including: Web page HTML preface and epilogue Web pages tailored to each data input file, shrinking large cells or moving content to additional pages, mapping cells to URL links associated with the column headers, alternating row colors, bolding headers, reconfiguring the table to keep or drop specified columns, reorder columns, sort rows by a particular column, remove trailing empty rows and columns, keyword mapping (date, filename, and user specified keywords), extract a sub-table by current table column keyword from a resource table file to insert into the prolog or epilogue section in a user specified format, sort rows by column data, etc. The program has a command line interface and can be launched with a simple command line invocation of a list of switches or can be run from a Windows BAT file or MacOS/Unix shell script. Multiple command switches can be specified in a script file that may be run as if they were typed on the command line. In addition, a list of script files may be specified in a batch file that then sequentially performs the converions - one for each script file mentioned in the list. The Reference Manual describes these options in detail as well as showing samples of input data and the generated output Web pages.

HTMLtools was originally called CvtTabDelim2HTML and was used to create Web pages for the Jak-Stat Prospector Web site part of the Trans-NIH Jak-Stat Initiative at (currently a password-protected site for NIH-only access because some of the samples data has not released yet in the NLM/NCBI GEO database. However, some of the data is publicly available on GEO and we use that data in the examples for HTMLtools download distribution.

Conversions consist of a set of command line switches that map appear in a script input file on separate lines. A batch processing command -batchProcess in turn can have it execute a script containing any number of these separate conversion scripts. A sampling of the some of the types of commands includes:

Table editing

HTML Web page generation

Batch processing

Do specialized search with Graphical User Interface (SearchGui) for generated index tables

See the Reference Manual for other conversion commands and command modifiers. For more information on the SearchGUI program, see the SearchGUI Manual for details.
Although some of the tool subsets are fairly specialized (JTVconvert, GenBatchScripts, SearchGui, TestsIntersections), the core of the tool could be used with any tab-delimited data for generating Web pages.

About HTMLtools

HTMLtools were written for the collaboration with GSP consortium members.

Program Version: 12-13-2009 V.1.41 (Beta)
Revised: December 13, 2009

This code is available under the "Common Public License Version 1.0"


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